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Welcome to Salin Dentistry. Our children’s dentist and staff provide treatment for children and adolescents in a safe and gentle atmosphere. We emphasize preventative care, helping each child have a healthy smile, free of tooth decay and cavities, that will last a lifetime. When you and your kids come through our doors, our goal is to help them have a positive experience. Teaching them skills in brushing and flossing leads to cleaner teeth, promoting good oral hygiene, and healthy gums. As you leave our doors, we hope you have felt part of our family. Your kids will leave with a toy and a toothbrush, excited to come back to their children’s dentist for future visits.

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Your children are our priority in Bakersfield, Ca

A long-term relationship with our family-minded dentistry

With Salin Dentistry, you’ll never grow out of our services, we’re committed to your dental care

Beginning with your child’s first visit through their high school years and into their adult lives, our children’s dentist and professional staff will protect and care for your child’s smile. We realize children are different from adults and we take a unique approach to make sure your child’s visit will be a comfortable and positive experience. Your child deserves a great smile and we will provide a standard of excellence in personalized dental care to give your child the quality they deserve. Our children’s dentist and our compassionate team know that preventive measures and education are key to optimal dental health. Although some children may feel uneasy going to a Bakersfield pediatric dentist, we make every effort to provide a gentle and kind experience. When you trust us with your children, we don’t take it lightly.

Safe and Soothing Dental Care for Your Little One

Safe and Soothing Dental Care for Your Little One

Our expert children’s dentist is trained and passionate about your little one’s dental needs

Parents often have many questions about baby teeth, oral care, cavities, fillings, dental emergencies, and the ins-and-outs of children’s dentistry. Salin Dentistry’s team of family dentistry professionals is here to guide you! Our clinic also offers anesthetic and sedation services. With our gentle, kid-friendly dentist, your little one experiences the best dental service. You won’t worry because we care about keeping up with your little one’s smile!


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Children's Emergency Dental Care in Bakersfield

Accidents and emergencies can arise anytime and may involve oral health, our team is here for your little one

Kid’s can experience dental emergencies as adults do. Not to worry, our gentle dental team and children’s emergency dentist have been well-versed in emergency dental care for all ages. Professional children’s dentistry and orthodontics services are available at our dental clinic. There’s no chipped tooth or tooth injury we can’t evaluate. Your little one’s shiny smile is safe with us!

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